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    Gift Box: Two Bags

    Give the gift of coffee to someone you love! Our gift box comes with two bags of our Festivus holiday blend in our holiday gift box.
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    Costa Rica Pura Vida Jaguar Friendly

    We Taste: Caramel Brittle, Nougat, Creamy Body Single Origin Details: Farm: Finca Las Alturas Grower: Fernando Castañeda Region: Bunca Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Hybrid Elevation: 1500-1900m $5 from every sale goes back to support jaguar conservation efforts [read more="Read more" less="Read less"]
    This Jaguar Friendly coffee is organically managed and directly traded. It supports growers and their families in the Cordilera Talamanca region, home to the largest population of jaguars in Costa Rica. Cool climates and high altitudes make this Costa Rican landscape one of the richest coffee regions in the world. Press Coffee is proud to roast some of the world's best coffee helping support the environment from which it was sourced.
    Proceed from the sale of Pure Vida coffee support jaguar research led b the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation and ProCAT. Together, we are helping crate a healthy future for people, for jaguars, and the landscapes they both call home. You can read more about our project here
    12 oz bag[/read]
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    Four Corners Blend

    We Taste: Milk Chocolate, Medium Body, Balanced and Low Acidity 12 oz bag [read more="Read more" less="Read less"]Like the Four Corners, this coffee has a little bit of everything. We've blended Latin American and Sumatran coffees together to create one of the most drinkable coffees we've ever had.[/read]
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    Press Early Edition Blend

    We Taste: Chocolate, Hazelnut Sweetness, Medium Body and Medium Acidity 12 oz bag [read more="Read more" less="Read less"]Just like your morning news source – our Early Edition house blend is a great way to start your day. Made up of both Latin American and African Yirgacheffe coffees, Early Edition brings a beautiful balance of flavors making it a wonderfully drinkable coffee.[/read]
  • Press_Festivus In Box_Med Res

    Festivus Holiday Blend

    We Taste: Chocolate, Red Berry, Spice Finish Just in time for the Holidays our Festivus Holiday Blend brings that perfect balance of sweet chocolate with a little red berry and a nice spice finish. Whether used as a gift or a way for you to get through the holiday season, Festivus we'll certainly put you in the spirit! 12 oz bag
  • Spitball

    Press Spitball Espresso

    We Taste: Lots of fruity sweetness and a nice complex finish Our Spitball Espresso rolled out in 2013 and has been a hit in our shops ever since. We always incorporate an Ethiopian naturally processed coffee and this particular espresso blend offers a big, round body that reminds us that coffee is indeed the seed of a fruit. 12 oz bag
  • Twitch

    Twitch Espresso Blend

    We Taste: Layered espresso that transforms flavor as it is consumed. First on the pallet is a pleasing note of bright berry/citrus with a backdrop of cocoa culminating with a very pleasant sweetness. All enhanced by a touch of smokiness.

    [read more="Read more" less="Read less"] After a taste of this Espresso blend you'll be twitching with excitement (and possibly caffeine) for another sip. Twitch Espresso Blend is the proprietary espresso blend for Press Coffee Roasters. The Espresso blend is artfully roasted specifically to be used for espresso, the roast level highlights the flavors of the individual components.  This espresso blend is the backbone of Press Coffee Roasters we are very proud of it and we are certain it will be enjoyed at home. 12 oz bag[/read]
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    Union Espresso Blend

    We Taste: Dark Chocolate, Big Body, Robust, Low Acidity

    [read more="Read more" less="Read less"]   Union Espresso is our most developed coffee. We roast this coffee to just before 2nd crack - the point most use to define "dark roast". Still, this coffee carries the same sweetness and creamy body as all of our other coffees, but with some more traditional flavors. Because this coffee is our link to the more traditional coffee world, we've named it our "Union". 12 oz bag[/read]
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    Ethiopia Gedeb Gotiti Organic

    We Taste: Mango, Lemon, Jasmine Single Origin Details: Grower: METAD Agricultural Development (METAD) Region: Gotiti, Gedeo Zone Varietal: Fully Washed and Dried on Raised Beds Elevation: 1900-2200 meters [read more="Read more" less="Read less"]
    ETHIOPIA GEDEB 1 ORGANIC GOTITI GRAINPRO is sourced from METAD Agricultural Development PLC (METAD). METAD is a third-generation family owned business with a rich history that began after World War II when the Ethiopian Emperor awarded Muluemebet Emiru, the first African female pilot and family matriarch, with land in the Guji and Sidama zones that has become the Hambela Coffee Estate. METAD is managed by Aman Adinew who returned to Ethiopia after many years working abroad at the executive level for multiple fortune 500 companies because he wanted to make a difference for his family and community. Through Aman’s leadership, METAD has strengthened the local community with employment opportunities including a workforce that is over seventy percent women, educational opportunities including university scholarships and sponsorship for a state-of-the-art elementary school with more than 700 students, and healthcare for employees. METAD was also first to partner with Grounds for Health in Ethiopia to implement a successful cervical cancer screening program for women within the coffee growing communities. METAD has an expanding Out-grower program designed to provide technical assistance, share modern farming equipment, and provide certification programs for more than 5,000 local farmers who are paid premiums for their cherry and second payments after coffee is sold. Quality and certification premiums have also helped METAD build roads and community centers. METAD has the first and only private state-of-the-art SCAA certified coffee quality control lab on the African continent used to train both domestic and international coffee professionals.
    12 oz bag[/read]
  • Yirg2

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed

    We Taste: Lemon Meringue, Black Tea and Clean Mouthfeel Single Origin Details: Farm: 700 small coffee producers around the Kerbal Aricha Coffee Mill Region: Gedeo Zone Varietal: Washed Elevation: 1700-1950 meters [read more="Read more" less="Read less"] A delightful washed coffee - this Ethiopian holds all the characteristics we love about a washed Yirgacheffe. It is clean, sweet and strikingly complex. We think it will be a favorite if you enjoy coffee that is pleasingly exotic. 12 oz bag[/read]
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    Brazil Mogiano

    We Taste: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Big Body Single Origin Details: Farm: Minas Gerais Region: Mogiano Process: Full Natural Varietal: Bourbon, Mundo Novo Hybrid Elevation: 800-1200m [read more="Read more" less="Read less"] This coffee is produced by farmers organized around cooperatives in the Mogiana growing region split between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Mogiana region is the most renowned of three major Brazilian growing regions. This region has rolling hills and uneven terrain lending to farms that are small to medium in size. As the world's largest coffee producer, Brazilian lots often come from larger estates that use highly mechanized processing strategies to manage larger volumes. Our current offering is Fine Cup (FC) and Strictly Soft (SS), the highest cup category in the Brazilian coffee grading. 12 oz bag[/read]
  • Sumatra

    Sumatra Mandheling

    We Taste: Black Cherry, Baker's Chocolate, Sweet Tobacco Single Origin Details: Farm: Family-owned Region: Aceh Varietal: Wet hulled and dried Elevation: 1300-1600 meters [read more="Read more" less="Read less"] Sumatra Takengon Mandheling is sourced from the Jagong Mill and surrounding family-owned farms located in the Takengon and Atu Lintang coffee region of Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Irham Junus owns and operates the Jagong Mill with his son, Andi and daughter, Ina. The Junus family has focused on meticulous ripe cherry selection resulting in something truly unique in Sumatra. 12 oz bag[/read]
  • RWP Decaf

    Royal Select Water Process Decaf

    We take as much care in sourcing our decaf coffee as any of our caffeinated coffees. For the best decaf coffee, you have to start with the best coffees which is why we only recommend the Royal Select Water Process. [read more="Read more" less="Read less"] This unique process begins with green coffee beans that are immersed in filtered water in order to extract the caffeine. The caffeine is separated from the water by being passed through charcoal filters. This water contains the soluble flavor compounds of the coffee that are then reintroduced to the beans in the immersing tank. While in the tank the beans reabsorb the filtered water containing the coffee’s original flavors. The result is 99.9% caffeine free and 100% chemical free coffee. We’ve loved all the unique notes of truly great coffee we’ve tasted in all of our Royal Select Water Process coffees! The Royal Select Water Process has been approved by the USDA National Organic Program to decaffeinate our Organic/Fair Trade Certified coffees. 12 oz bag[/read]