Touted for its utilitarian purity and simplicity, the Chemex brewer looks like something out of a science experiment, but it was the brewer’s timeless 1941 design that landed it a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art. Today the Chemex is still loved by many particularly for the coffee that it brews – producing a more full-bodied brew with a smoother taste and clean, bold flavor. Plus, it provides an instant cool-factor with your friends and shows you are a true coffee enthusiast.


6-cup Chemex

Chemex Filter


36g (2.5 Tablespoons) of coffee

580g of hot water (about 205°F)



Metal Stir stick/Spoon



Recipe: To yield 20oz of coffee

Step 1 b -Clean Filter and Preheat Chemex

Step 1: Prep & Preheat

Place the Chemex filter with three-ply side towards the spout. Wet the filter with hot water to both clean the filter and warm up your Chemex.

Barista Tip: Begin pouring the hot water in the center first to ensure your filter is seated without any weird bends/folds. Then slowly work your way up pouring in a circular motion (we recommend rotating the Chemex as you go). Be sure you rinse the entire filter paying special attention to the three-fold side.

Once complete, pull the filter out, empty the water, and place the filter back in.

Barista Tip: When you place the filter back in the Chemex, be sure it’s seated correctly. Make sure there are no visible air pockets between filter and glass. You want a tight seal all the way around.

Step 2 b - Pour grinds and zero out scale

Step 2: Grind & Weigh Coffee

Grind the coffee a little finer than what you’d use in your Mr. Coffee. Pour the coffee into the center of the Chemex filter and zero out your scale.

Step 3: Saturate & Bloom

0:00: Start your timer and begin pouring hot water onto the grounds. Pour until the grounds are saturated or you reach about 72 grams. You should start to see your coffee rise up and create a dome as it releases its gasses and prepares for a full extraction. This is called a bloom and is a great indicator of how fresh your coffee is.

Step 4: Pour More Water

0:30: Start pouring more water. Bring your total weight up to 300 grams with the goal time of 1:15. If you get there early, slow your pour down and if you’re a little slow, speed it up. Your pour should focus on the center, only going to the outside if there are dry spots.

Barista Tip: Getting the perfect pace takes practice but don’t worry, your coffee won’t be ruined if your times are a little off.

Step 5 b - Stir

Step 5: Fill to the Top & Stir

1:30: Pour up to 580 grams. The goal is to get there at 2:15 so again, pay close attention to your pouring pace. Don’t forget to rotate your Chemex as you go. Now that we have all of our water in, give your Chemex a stir with a spoon to make sure there are no dry clumps.

Step 6 b - Remove Filter

Step 6: Let it Brew

4:00: Let the coffee do its thing and brew; you should have a final product at about 4:00. If it brews much longer (or tastes too strong) make your grind coarser. If it brews really quickly (or tastes weak) tighten that grind up. Look at the glass button and make sure it reads 20oz then remove your filter.

Barista Tip: Carefully pull your filter out by its corners so as not to over extract the water. Then toss your filter out

Step 7: Pour & Enjoy

Give the Chemex a couple of swirls for good measure and then carefully pour your coffee directly from the Chemex into your mugs and enjoy!