Press Coffee Scored Best in the Southwest

Press Coffee Scored Best in the Southwest
March 19, 2017 Press Coffee

Did you know that coffee roasts are scored by the pros just like wine? The 100-point scale reviews coffee on qualities like aroma, body, flavor and acidity. And just like wine, ratings of 90 points and above are cause for excitement.

Coffee Review has scored our Ethopia Guji at 94 points! The blog cupped 28 coffees from roasteries in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, and our Guji scored the best in the Southwest.

“Press Coffee’s Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Danbi Uddo

was the top-scorer in our cupping at 94″

We are honored that our peers feel the same as we do about this fantastic roast. We fell in love with the juicy honey, lemon and apricot notes of the Guji so much that we feature it as our daily drip selection.

Try a cup of this top-rated roast at any of our cafes or order a bag online and have the best coffee in the Southwest delivered right to your door.