• ethiopiatorea2

    Golden Bean Winner: Ethiopia Chelelektu

    Meet our third Golden Bean winner: Our Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Chelelektu Torea. Our roaster says this is one of the most balanced coffees he has ever roasted. The Golden Bean judges agreed, giving it a clean sweep of medals for its quality as a pour over filter, espresso and milk-based espresso drinks.

    The Chelelektu really shines with its big floral notes. Sweetness, body, acidity, and finish all work together to create a remarkable cup of coffee. Expect lots of jasmine with peach and pear fruit notes along with a honey like sweetness.

    This coffee reminds us of a well-brewed jasmine green tea with a bit of honey.

    The Ethiopia Chelelektu is available by the bag in our stores and online. It’s also on brew bar and as our single origin espresso. Our tip – try this in a cortado to taste its winning qualities in a milk-based drink.

  • SumatraHoney2

    Golden Bean Winner: Sumatra Honey

    Meet our next Golden Bean winner: Our Sumatra Kerinici Highlands Honey Process. It was awarded for its quality and excellence as a pour over filter.

    Take everything you know about Sumatran coffees and forget it. This coffee showcases the importance of processing better than any other we’ve roasted. The Sumatra Honey is a coffee for coffee lovers. Expect a ton of sweetness with juicy clementine and grape popsicle notes with a syrupy cola body.

    It won in the pour over filter category so try a Kalita from our brew bar. And for a truly great coffee experience, try it side by side with our wet hulled Sumatra and taste the impact that processing method makes in the cup.

    The Sumatra Honey is now available by the bag at our stores and online.

  • Kenya2

    Golden Bean Winner: Kenya Embu

    Meet our first Golden Bean Winner: Our Kenya Embu Thambana Kathima. It brought home two medals for its quality and excellence as an espresso and as a pour over filter.

    If you enjoy bright coffees where the acidity steals the show, the Kenya Embu is the coffee for you. Big, bright cranberry and pineapple notes are the first thing you’ll taste, followed by a bit of dark chocolate and finishing with a juicy black currant that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. This coffee really flaunts what we love about Kenyan coffees.

    The Kenya Embu is available by the bag in our stores and online. But don’t delay. We have a very limited quantity of this coffee so grab a bag before we run out. You can also taste this award-winner on brew bar at our street-side cafes.

  • DSC_0571

    National Golden Bean Awards

    We are extremely proud to share three award-winning roasts with you this month. We submitted our Kenya Embu Thambana Kathima, Sumatra Kerinici Highlands Honey Process, and Ethopia Washed Yirgacheffe Chelelektu Torea in the national Golden Bean competition and ALL THREE were judged as some of the best roasts in the country!

    The Golden Bean is the Super Bowl of coffee. More than 500 roasters from big coffee states like Oregon, Washington and California sent in 900 coffees for the annual competition. These coffees were judged for quality and excellence in seven different categories. Our three roasts brought home six medals!

    We’re proud to be putting Arizona on the national coffee map. Taste these award-winners for yourself. They are now available on brew bar at our street-side cafes and also available online.  

  • Press_App Ordering

    Coffee Day Deals on September 29

    Yes, for most of us, everyday is coffee day. Officially, National Coffee Day is on Saturday, September 29, and we’ll celebrate with two deals.

    We’ll have free drip coffee in any size available for at all our cafes.  No purchase necessary.

    If you’re a latte lover – be sure to download our new mobile app. On September 29, you can use the promo code NCD2018 to get $2 off any latte. The offer is good for one latte per customer. No other purchase is necessary.

    The Press Coffee App lets you place and pay for orders of coffee and food ahead of pick up. It is available for use at all our Press locations. It’s free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Zen Waterfront

    Scottsdale Waterfront Opens Aug 24

    Press is coming to Old Town Scottsdale! We’re opening our newest café at the Scotttsdale Waterfront (7135 E. Camelback Rd.) with a grand opening this weekend benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

    On August 24, 25 and 26, we’ll have $1 cups for the kids. Our daily drip brew will be available in any size for only $1 at the new cafe AND 100 percent of those drip coffee sales goes to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation as part of our Press On Charities program.

    Located across from Nordstrom’s, our Waterfront café will serve the espresso drinks, pour overs and cold brew you’ve come to love. We’ll also feature our new menu of breakfast and lunch items as well as pastries provided by Phoenix Public Market.

    Old Town Scottsdale is a great neighborhood for locals and Arizona visitors alike and we’re looking forward to being a part of the community. We’re glad we can start things off by supporting the amazing efforts of Phoenix Children’s Hospital at the opening.

    All of the proceeds from the $1 drip coffee sales for the weekend opening will go to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation that provides support to the hospital in its efforts of providing world-class inpatient, outpatient, trauma, emergency and urgent care to children and families in Arizona and throughout the Southwest.

    Press Waterfront will be open Monday-Thursday from 6:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Fridays from 6:30 a.m. – 8 p.m, Saturdays from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

  • Press_CB Shakers

    New: Cold Brew Shakers

    We’re shaking up your cold brew routine with four new drinks showcasing all the great flavors of the cool and caffeinated beverage. The new Shakers come in Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Chai. Each includes Press cold brew, almond milk creamer and organic agave and is prepared in a cocktail shaker.

    Press was the first to put cold brew on tap in Arizona nearly 5 years ago and since then, it’s become a favorite daily drink for many of our guests. The new Shakers are a delicious and fun alternative. They highlight some of the great flavors people love in our cold brew and the almond creamer and agave add a full body to the drink with just a touch of nut and sweet notes.

    The cold brew Shakers are $5 and are available at all Press locations. They are gluten free, dairy free and soy free.

  • Press_App

    Press Coffee App Is Here

    We’re making your daily coffee run even easier with a new app now available for all Press locations. The app allows users to place and pay for orders of drip coffee, cold brew, espresso drinks and other grab and go snacks and drinks ahead of pick up. Made-to-order food like our breakfast burrito, bagels and the breakfast egg sandwich are also available at some locations.

    Our app lets us provide a convenient way for people on-the-go to enjoy Press Coffee, and still know they are getting the same quality and service as they would by ordering at the counter.

    The Press Coffee Roasters app is available for free download at the App Store and Google Play. Just create an account and you’ll be charged upon placing your order. After receiving a notification that your order is ready, just pick it up and go!

  • Press Coffee_Roastery Rendering_Exterior

    Sneak Peek – Our New Roastery

    We’re excited to announce we will be joining the North Phoenix neighborhood of 32nd & Shea next year with an amazing new roastery. The flagship facility will be a full production site for our whole bean roasting operations. It will also be open to the public with a fully functioning café serving drinks and food with plenty of meeting space.

    This iconic building is part of our ongoing commitment to be Arizona’s own local coffee roaster. We wanted to go beyond just a production facility and create a space that allows us to share our love for coffee with the community.

    The Construction Zone, LTD is our general contractor, architect and designer and we’re thrilled with their modern design that will allow us to showcase and educate the public about specialty coffee with viewing areas of the roasting rooms and space for our Coffee 101 tastings.

    Expected completion of the project is Spring 2019.

    Read more about the Press Coffee Roastery in this Daily Coffee News post.

  • pressoncheck1

    Thank You!

    A very big thank you to everyone for your support of our first Press On Charities efforts. We have raised nearly $7,000 so far to help some great organizations in our communities.

    With our Day of Giving, you came out to support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. With the help of our wholesale partner Over Easy, we were able to raise more than $2,500!

    We are also excited to announce that our partnership with the Phoenix Zoo not only created resulted in the first certified Jaguar-friendly roast in the United States, but also in raising more than $4,000 for the Zoo and its jaguar research efforts in Costa Rica.

    We’re excited to continue supporting our Arizona communities through Press On Charities as we give back to the community we’ve been a part of for the past 10 years. Look for our next Press On Charities event soon.