Pura Vida at Home

Jaguar Coffee Is Back!

Wake up and save the jaguars. Pura Vida – our collaboration with the Phoenix Zoo – is back! Pura Vida is the first certified Jaguar-Friendly™ coffee in the U.S. and $5 from each bag sold go to support the Zoo’s jaguar conservation efforts.

For this project, the Zoo worked with Finca Las Alturas ranch in Costa Rica to support a landscape where farmers, jaguars and other wildlife co-exist. This southern part of Costa Rica is home to one of the largest populations of jaguars in that country and is also renowned as one of the most richly diverse coffee regions in the world.

Jaguars are in decline in the wild due mainly to illegal hunting and habitat loss, with the overall jaguar population estimated to occupy less than 50 percent of its former range.  Researchers have been working to design a habitat corridor that links Las Alturas with the Osa Peninsula, home to Costa Rica’s most threatened jaguar population. These two areas are separated by farms, plantations, homes, businesses and busy highways, thus, separating jaguars from the prey they need.

Last year, sales of Pura Vida raised more than $5,500 for the conservation efforts. Dr. Jan Schipper, field conservation research director, says the funds are being used to buy camera traps for the jaguar corridor and Las Alturas buffer zone and weather monitoring stations for the current coffee plantation.

“We will be assessing the value of different coffee conservation schemes in several regions to see what benefits jaguar and other species, and how we can work with producers to do it better,” said Schipper. “Weather monitoring is important to both to the coffee production and to corridor monitoring. Seasonal variation has greatly increased in the last 10 years and we need to be able to quantify these changes.”

We are proud to work with the Phoenix Zoo and support the important work it is doing in our global community as part of our Press On Charities initative. It’s an honor to share an outstanding coffee with you

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